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12 Septembre 2014

BWR Nr. 2 - year 2014 - PRODUCTS


As part of its ongoing research aimed at product development and innovation, Tecnofiliere recently signed off a new model of die designated TFE-J. This new product was spawned by the need to meet increasingly specific requirements of markets and customers, who demand high product quality combined with ease of use and maintenance of the die.
Our new TFE-J dies combine the top-class characteristics of our most traditional TFE dies and our innovative CF1FC dies. More specifically, the TFE-J dies retain the benefits of extrusion with the wide output system, which makes it possible to increase the output section of the body, thus increasing hourly production capacity significantly, and achieving high standards of product quality and a substantial reduction in specific energy
new TFE-J dienew TFE-J die

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