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27 Septembre 2013

BWR Nr. 2 - year 2013 – TECHNOLOGY


Sétif, capital of the eponymous province in northeast Algeria, is home to one of the most important manufacturers of clay bricks and tiles in the country and indeed anywhere in Africa. Set up by chairman and CEO Mr. Bouras Laid with the support of his sons, Bouras group is now a leading player in the sector and an important part of the region’s economy.

The choice of suppliers has always been a top priority for Bouras, resulting in lasting partnerships. For the extruder dies in particular, for years the group has opted for the expertise and reliability of Tecnofiliere (Novi di Modena, Italy), which to date has supplied the Algerian company with more than 45 dies, a range of spare parts and 7 pressure heads of various diameters and dimensions. For the new lines, Tecnofiliere has conducted meticulous technical studies to tailor each die to the specific requirements of the individual plants. In particular, the dies for B8 and B12 bricks feature cores and liners made of hard metal up to around 2000HV and have given very positive results.

Die Model CF1-FC B8 6-exitsDie Model CF1-FC B8 6-exits
Extrusion phase of B8 6-exit dieExtrusion phase of B8 6-exit die

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