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29 Novembre 2010

BWR Nr. 3 – year 2010 – FOCUS ON

LATER-CER COMPETITIVENESS THROUGH INNOVATION The Later-Cer group’s strength, leader in the building materials sector is largely due to its foresight in acquiring equipment and facilities from the leading Italian and European suppliers. This has enabled it to establish ongoing relationships with reliable companies capable of providing continuous technical support. One of these is the Italian company Tecnofiliere, whose technology was adopted first by Later-Cer and subsequently by Cerámica Quilmes, Palmar Cordoba and Cerámica Fanelli. Over the years, Tecnofilierehas continuously supplied these companies with extruder dies for hollow blocks, loadbearing blocks and floor blocks, designing specific configurations for the individual needs of each manufacturing unit. Tecnofilierehas also supplied die-washing machines in both the old model TF800 and the new model TF1000 EVO.Pictured: extrusion stage and 18x18 cm hollow brick extrusion, 5 exits, produced by Tecnofiliere

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