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14 Décembre 2009

BWR Nr. 3 – year 2009 – PRODUCTS

DIE FOR STIFF-EXTRUSION OF 25X14 MASONRY BLOCKS Stiff-extrusion requires that die manufacturers must adopt appropriate technical solutions. TECNOFILIERE of Novi di Modena, Italy, one of the leaders in the sector, has successfully introduced these solutions to the Mexican market by supplying a die for stiff- extrusion of a specific type of product. It is an extruder die for the production of novel 25x14 cm masonry blocks which has a clay conveyor cone in a rear position for direct mounting on the extruder cylinder. This cone is required to stabilise the clay flow and consists of three plates of decreasing size in the direction of the liner, which like the cores is made of a hard metal to withstand the high degree of abrasiveness of the raw materials used.This supply package further demonstrates TECNOFILIERE’s ability to successfully penetrate emerging markets, even in very distant geographical areas.Pictured: die for stiff-extrusion of 25x14 masonry blocks produced by TECNOFILIERE

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