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14 Janvier 1997

BWR Nr. 1 - year 1997 - TECHNOLOGY

NEW HORIZONS IN HEAVY CLAY EXTRUSION The introduction of a new type of die eliminated many of the problems associated with conventional extruder dies. The major difference between this new model and its forerunner is a sub-frame that houses the adjustable external braking devices. But the true revolution in the field of extruder dies is the innovative “Patent P.P. system”, developed by TECNOFILIERE. This is a totally new design of extruder die characterized by the larger cross-section of the extrusion cone which allows for the use of larger extrusion dies with multiple exit, which are regulated by one or two series of external brakes. These brakes make it simple to regulate the outfeed flow in the various sections and to ensure that it is consistent and uniform. Pictured: layout of the CF1-CF2 die extruder

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