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28 Septembre 1998

BWR Nr. 2 - year 1998 - ECONOMICS

THE HEAVY CLAY MARKET AND EVOLUTION OF PLANT SOLUTIONS. INTERVIEW WITH MARCELLO RONDI In his dual role as newly appointed chairman of the Consorzio Alveolater and owner of R.I.L. (Rondi Industria Laterizi), Marcello Rondi explains the criteria adopted in selecting a plant modernization policy by adopting the wide-exit technique. “Extruding with a wide-exit creates further scope for increase production capacity without affecting product quality. After carefully assessing what the market had to offer, we opted for the technical solutions proposed by TECNOFILIERE. The fact that the transformation work was completed within a day and normal production resumed the next day, confirmed that we had made the right decision”. Pictured: detail of the multi-exit die with double external braking system

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