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12 Septembre 2005

BWR Nr. 2 - year 2005 - ECONOMICS

LATER-CER, GROWTH CONTINUES The Argentine company Later-Cer, one of the leading brick and tile producers in Latin America, has evolved in terms of corporate structure and company growth. Trough acquisitions and investments, has increased its production capacity at the parent company’s factory in Pilar and on the other Group companies’ production sites. For the shaping process the company has chosen TECNOFILIERE, a leader in this sector. TECNOFILIERE technology was first adopted by Later-Cer, then by Ceràmica Quilmes and now by Palmar Còrdoba. The Italian company know-how has undoubtedly made it the world leader in the extrusion segment. Pictured: Wide-exit extrusion of a hollow block; the unfired column cutting area

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