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12 Janvier 2007

BWR Nr. 1 - year 2007 - FOCUS ON

CERAMICAS MORA, NEW EXPANSION AND PRODUCTION INNOVATION La Sagra, an area of the autonomous region of Castilla-La Mancha south of Madrid, is a sparsely vegetated area of gently undulating terrain made up of tertiary sediments. This geological characteristic has made the area ideal for brick manufacture since time immemorial. Illescas, located at the northernmost tip of La Sagra, is home to Ceràmicas Mora, one of the emerging players amongst the high-quality Spanish heavy clay manufacturers.A significant contribution to optimizing the extrusion of new materials was made by TECNOFILIERE, the Italian company based in Novi di Modena that Ceràmicas Mora chose as the supplier of the extruders for the new plant on the strength of the excellent results achieved with previous supplied equipment.Pictured: Extruder die for vertical double-exit extrusion of ventilated façade elements.

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