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11 Février 2007

BWR Nr. 2 - year 2007 - PRODUCTS

DIE FOR DOUBLE-EXIT EXTRUSION OF BASE BLOCKS FOR PREFABRICATED FLOOR PANELS The brick and tile industry has made considerable progress in terms of product innovation in recent years. Producers have developed materials that have radically changed the concept of certain types of clay products and in many cases have revolutionized installation techniques.Correctly extruding a clay block of dimensions 500x60 mm with highly irregular geometry and with very small cavities was a considerable challenge that required great determination on the part of the manufacturer, Fornace Torricella and experience from TECNOFILIERE, which built and supplied the extruder pressure head, the die and, recently, the new double-exit die.Pictured: die for double-exit extrusion of base blocks for prefabricated floor panels

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