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28 Abril 2016


Cerámica Fanelli was set up in 1949 by a family of Italian immigrants who had settled in the city of La Plata (Buenos Aires) shortly after the Second World War. Its founder created a company with solid foundations which for the first twenty years of its existence produced solid bricks. But this was just the start. One of the children, Nazareno Fanelli, spotted the opportunities offered by new technologies, which he combined with his own experience in the sector. The subsequent investments enabled the company to take a big step forward, switching in 1973 from the artisanal production of solid bricks to mass production of hollow bricks.
For the shaping and extrusion section, we have again turned to our longstanding supplier Tecnofiliere. We are currently using the tried and tested CF2 model dies which introduced exclusive wide-exit extrusion, a system that offers multiple benefits. The most important is the increase in body outfeed cross-section thanks to the insertion of an extrusion cone between the liner and the fixing plate. We were also one of the first companies in the world to adopt an extrusion section of 1,500 mm, which allows us to achieve a daily production of 1,400 tons with the use of an 850 mm diameter extruder and 12-exit dies for the production of 8x18x33 cm hollow blocks. For the new production line we will commission Tecnofiliere to supply new dies identical to the current system: wide-exit dies with 12 exits for the 8x18 cm hollow block, 9 exits for the 12x18 cm hollow block and 6 exits for the 18x18 cm hollow block.
Model CF2 extruder with 9 exits for 12x18 cm hollow bricksModel CF2 extruder with 9 exits for 12x18 cm hollow bricks
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