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28 Octubre 2015

BWR NR. 2 - year 2015 - NEWS

Tecnofiliere (Novi di Modena, Italy) has strengthened its presence in Peru with a major order from one of the leading brick manufacturers in the province of Lima. The entirely nationally owned Peruvian company has 41 years of experience in the sector, employs more than 500 families and uses the most advanced technologies for its production processes.
The order currently being prepared by Tecnofiliere consists of CPF2 model dies for the production of 8-exit 120x300 mm and 6-exit 150x300 mm hollow bricks, complete with spare parts and specific solutions designed to cope with the high abrasiveness of local clays. The cores are made of Technocarbide, a material with a wear resistance of 2000 HV which allows for long lasting production without significant changes in terms of weight and dimensions of the bricks.
CPF2 model die for the production of hollow bricksCPF2 model die for the production of hollow bricks

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