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17 Abril 2013

BWR Nr. 1 - year 2013 - FOCUS ON NORTH AFRICA




The BMSD group operates in the Algerian market with 5 companies in the building materials and food sectors. Specialising in hollow bricks and Portuguese roof tiles, the three companies Sarl BMSD (Sarl Briqueterie Moderne de Saida), Eurl Sobris Briqueterie and Eurl BB (Eurl Briqueterie de Bouira) have a combined annual output of around 450,000 tons.
The group has frequently chosen Italian partners for its technological development programmes. The extruder dies in particular have been supplied entirely by Tecnofiliere, which has provided support to the Algerian group’s brick factories from design through to after-sales assistance. In recent years, Tecnofiliere has mainly supplied model CF1-FC and TFE dies with 6 exits for B8 10x20 cm and 4 exits for B12 15x20 cm bricks, developing custom solutions with tungsten carbide accessories. This material has the toughness and hardness necessary to withstand the high levels of wear typical of the extrusion process.
Model CF1-FC 4-exit die for B12 15x20 cm perforated bricksModel CF1-FC 4-exit die for B12 15x20 cm perforated bricks

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