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24 Septiembre 2012

BWR Nr. 2 - year 2012 - INTERVIEW




Fornaci di Masserano, one of the oldest brick and roof tile manufacturers in Italy, is based in the Piedmont region, on the main road between Biella and Gattinara. This historic company’s success stems from a number of key factors – a team of technicians determined to achieve ambitious goals and led by managing director Marco Tarello, products manufactured in accordance with nature and tradition, and development projects aiming to meet U-value requirements and the specific needs of customers.
In cooperation with our longstanding partner and extruder die supplier Tecnofiliere srl of Novi di Modena, Fornaci di
Masserano recently launched an important initiative to demonstrate our solidarity with the earthquake-hit areas of
Emilia. A die has been built in the colours of the Italian flag (the photo is published on our website) to encourage those
who still believe in the Italian spirit of unity to offer their tangible support at this difficult time and help the affected areas
get back on their feet as soon as possible.


Die in the colours of the Italian flagDie in the colours of the Italian flag

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