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17 Abril 2010

BWR Nr. 1 – year 2010 – ENERGY SAVING

ENERGY SAVING IN THE EXTRUSION STAGE Extrusion, the most commonly used shaping process, exploits plastic deformation and allows for the production of pieces with a complex cross-section (pipes, profiles, etc.). Shaping is one of the crucial stages in the production of heavy clay products and ceramic materials in general. Although the die may appear to be a simple system, it is a fundamental element for the production of finished articles. The wide-exit extrusion technique has revolutionised the production methods of brickworks as it allows for a considerable increase in hourly production capacity together with a high product quality standard and a significant reduction in specific energy consumption. The great innovation in the field of extrusion was the introduction of the exclusive TECNOFILIERE system, adopted on models CF1 and CF2, in which the introduction of an extrusion cone between the frame and the fixing plate allows the paste exit cross-section to be increased. Pictured: model CF2 extruder with 5 horizontal exits for 250x80 mm infill blocks. Produced by TECNOFILIERE

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