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16 Abril 2010

BWR Nr. 1 – year 2010 – GREEN PRODUCTS

GREEN BUILDING FOR LIVING COMFORT Walls make a fundamental contribution to the living comfort of a building. For this purpose, they must offer good heat insulation, thermal inertia and breathability while preventing the formation of condensation, protecting from noise and guaranteeing long-term durability and safety.Laterizi Alan Metauro has the precise aim of manufacturing environmentally friendly products for excellent living comfort. These efforts have led to the development of a line of wall blocks called PerlaterBio which are obtained from natural raw materials and are patented and certified. For this purpose, cooperation with TECNOFILIERE proved invaluable for identifying the best technical solutions.Pictured: dies mod. CF2 wall block 35x25, n.3 exits and wall block 40x25, n. 2 exits. Produced by TECNOFILIERE

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