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15 Abril 2010

BWR Nr. 1 – year 2010 – NEWS

LATERIZI ALAN METAURO CONFIRMS TECNOFILIERE AS SUPPLIER The Marche-based company Laterizi Alan Metauro, alongside the production of conventional clay products, has also developed the PerlaterBio and PerlaterBio A+ lines of improved thermal performance blocks available in various sizes and designed to comply with current standards relating the thermal and acoustic insulation as well as environmental sustainability and bio-ecological architecture.TECNOFILIERE has established mutually satisfactory cooperation with Laterizi Alan Metauro since 2002, the year in which it was commissioned to manage the delicate transition to wide-exit extrusion. After recently supplying dies for 35 cm and 48 cm blocks, a die is currently under production for a 40x25 cm block in two exits which will expand the PerlaterBio and PerlaterBio A+ lines ranges.Pictured: die mod. CF2 wall block 40x25, n. 2 exits. Produced by TECNOFILIERE

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