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20 Enero 2000

BWR Nr. 1 - year 2000 - ECONOMICS

QUALITY AND PRODUCTION CAPACITY: A CASE STUDY OF THE S.I.A.I. BRICKWORKS Following expansion of the market in which the brickworks S.I.A.I., of Petacciato in the Molise region of Italy, operates, the company’s management decided to start up a plant renovation and upgrading programme with a view to further improving product quality and increasing the factory’s production capacity. The most important step was the transformation of the vacuum extruder, in order to adopt wide-exit technology using new dies with a double external braking system. The dies and the entire vacuum extruder transformation kit – comprising auger, auger cylinder and conveyor mouth – were supplied by TECNOFILIERE, that also provided technical support during the entire start-up phase, allowing for a very rapid return to full-scale production. Pictured: detail of wide-exit extrusion phase

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