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22 Septiembre 2003

BWR Nr. 2 - year 2003 - ECONOMICS

INDUSTRIE COTTO POSSAGNO, ETHICS AS THE DRIVING FORCE OF BUSINESS Possagno, a small town in the province of Treviso, is the place where the best clay bent tiles have been produced in Italy. Industrie Cotto Possagno is unquestionably the most important roof tile manufacturer in terms of quality, breadth of product range and services provided. The company recently converted one of its factories and started up a new production line for the manufacture of innovative models of pressed roof tiles. The extrusion techniques were developed in conjunction with TECNOFILIERE. This began with the design of the mould, followed by the extruder dies that extrude the bats in a double vertical exit. Pictured: Roof using Unicoppo

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