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16 Abril 2009

BWR Nr. 1 - year 2009 - PRODUCTS

DOUBLE-EXIT EXTRUSION DIE FOR THERMAL BLOCK 300X250 mm Tecnofiliere, a well-established manufacturer of extrusion equipment, has built a die for double-exit extrusion of a thermal block of dimensions 300x250 mm in accordance with the new European standards on energy certification of buildings for the Romanian company Ceramica Iasi.Using its dedicated software, TECNOFILIERE helped the company in the delicated stage of determining the block geometry by calculating experimentally the value of the heat conductivity index lambda, an essential parameter along with thermal resistance for determining the value of the transmission factor U. At a technical level, the die also has innovative and cutting-edge characteristics.Pictured: double-exit extrusion die for thermal block of 300x250 mm

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