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11 Enero 2006

BWR Nr. 1 - year 2006 - ECONOMICS

ALAN METAURO, HIGH-PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS FOR MODERN BUILDING A few years after our first visit, we returned to the Alan Metauro factory in Secchiano, in the Pesaro-Urbino province in central Italy’s Marche region. One of the largest manufacturers of heavy clay products in Italy, the company has its headquarters and factories in the Marecchia valley, an historic area of great natural beauty just a few miles from San Marino, San Leo, Novafeltria and the Adriatic sea.“We also updated our entire stock of dies, for which we commissioned TECNOFILIERE (Novi di Modena). This made it possible not only to extrude blocks in multiple exit but also to adapt the blocks to the new legislation, especially the seismic law.Pictured: the set of dies

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