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11 September 2018



Washing dies in an automatic and effective manner after usage is a pressing need for any manufacturer of high-quality bricks. The die washing machine is designed to make die cleaning more efficient and practical, doing away with the troublesome aspects of current manual system, bent the support for the cores, dented cores or frames. Labour requirements are minimal, thanks to a reduction of the time taken to secure the die in the machine and then to program the cycle.

The structure of the machine is completely built in stainless steel, so to avoid oxidation problems. Furthermore the model TF700 contains several state-of-the-art technical solutions which ensures remarkable performances together with a strong energy saving. The die washing machine is fully automatic, ensuring thoroughly clean dies. The washing system consists in cold high pressure water jets thrown out by two washing heads following a rotary and linear movement. This machine is equipped with a pump operating up to 150 bar, 21 l/min, controlled by a 5,5Kw motor.

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