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22 December 2015


The Medina-based company El Maimani Red Bricks and Clay Products is one of the most important brick manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. Founded in 1980, it produces high-quality clay bricks in a wide range of different types and sizes to meet demand from the local market. 
It is a member of El Maimani Holding Group along with two other companies: Azel Rockwool Co., a manufacturer of fire retardant and thermal and acoustic insulation materials for the construction industry, and Taiba Water Co., a company founded in 1993 with operations in ozone-based water sterilisation.
Fareed El Maimani, CEO of Maimani Red Bricks and son of the founder, spoke to us about this family-run business:" knowhow, expertise and reliability are the three key requirements in the choice of a technology partner. We use European suppliers, who have demonstrated to us their ability to make targeted interventions in our factory. For example, in the field of extrusion and shaping we have been collaborating for years with Tecnofiliere, who have always provided constant on-site support and customised solutions and with whom we have established an excellent personal relationship. Given the highly abrasive nature of our clay, we need dies that are built with the utmost attention to materials. We have to combine production capacity, quality and energy saving, which we achieve using CF2 and CF2FC wide-exit extrusion dies supplied by Tecnofiliere. Furthermore, the larger exit width allows us to operate at low speed and consequently with lower friction, esulting in less wear of the die components".
CF2 die for 20x20 cm Star with 4 exitsCF2 die for 20x20 cm Star with 4 exits
CF2 die for 30x20 cm Brick with 3 exitsCF2 die for 30x20 cm Brick with 3 exits

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