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26 September 2014

BWR Nr. 2 - year 2014 - INTERVIEW

The Amouri Laghouat group was set up in the early 2000s, when its main field of operation was the production of materials for the building sector. The Amouri family’s farsighted vision and keen business sense prompted the group to embark on an ambitious development programme under the leadership of the enterprising and affable Mr. Amouri Toufik.
Although our growth in volume is assured, in order to improve in terms of quality we need to choose reliable partners that can offer experience and know-how. It is only through a combination of determination and expertise that we will be able to achieve higher outputs and quality. For our brickworks, over the last few years we have chosen suppliers who have been able to demonstrate that their products have something extra. These include Tecnofiliere, a company we have been working with for years. A leading manufacturer of dies and brick extrusion equipment, it has worked alongside us ever since we began our brick-making activities, offering continuous and reliable support along with invaluable expertise and top-quality materials.
Extruder unit for 7-exit B8 brickExtruder unit for 7-exit B8 brick
Die-washing machine TF 1000 EVODie-washing machine TF 1000 EVO

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