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15 November 2010

BWR Nr. 3 – year 2010 – PRODUCTS

TECNOFILIERE PRESENTS THE MODEL CF2 2-EXIT DIE FOR 45x25 CM WALL BLOCK At Tecnargilla 2010 Tecnofiliere presented a 2-exit die for the production of an innovative 45x25 cm block that has been installed at only a few manufacturing units in Italy. Its geometric characteristics are such that products meeting current thermal insulation requirements can be obtained even when using different kinds of raw materials and pastes with different densities. This is amply demonstrated by the results of transmission factor calculations performed directly by the Italian company using the SUPERSAP program. A further innovation is the integrated braking system in which the CNC machined brake guarantees more precise braking and action on the clay flow. The intended use of these blocks is for the construction of buildings with a normal loadbearing masonry structure. Pictured: 2-exit die for 45x25 cm wall block produced by Tecnofiliere

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