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14 September 2010

BWR Nr. 2 – year 2010 – TECHNOLOGY

TAURUS BLOCK FOR REINFORCED MASONRY The decade-long partnership between the Stabila Group and the company Bampo, has given rise to Taurus, the block specifically designed for use in the first patented system for modular reinforced masonry. There are no special pieces, just a single block produced in a thickness of 25 cm and length of 49 cm which guarantees the perfect superimposition of the new radial wall geometry. For the operation of shaping the innovative Taurus block, an important partnership has been established with Tecnofiliere, a company specialising in the design and construction of all the equipment required in the extrusion stage. In this specific case, model CF2 Evolution dies are used. The characteristics and shapes of the exits are all designed with a special drilled section (blue zone in the die templates in the photos) with optimal shapes for the creation of reinforced structures during the piece application stage. Pictured: 2-exit 49x25 cm block and 4-exit 25x25 cm block, produced by Tecnofiliere

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