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16 December 2009


THE KOTHALI GROUP (GREECE): A STRATEGIC REFERENCE IN THE EASTERN EUROPEAN MARKET The Kothali Group, Greece, aims at becoming a reference in the Eastern European building sector, for its strategic position and its many flourishing activities. Among the many plants run by the group, is also the K.E.B.E. plant, established recently with the aim of completing the offer of heavy clay products for the building sector; the plant has been equipped with the best, most up-to-date technical industrial solutions. For this purpose, the new plant has been equipped with the best, most innovative equipment and machines available on the market, supplied by carefully selected manufacturers of machines and equipment capable of guaranteeing reliability and quality. Most of these suppliers are internationally recognised companies like TECNOFILIERE,which realised and supplied the Greek plant with special extrusion dies made of hard metal for both the cores and frames. The clay conveyance cone has been obtained entirely by machining work; thanks to TECNOFILIERE’s powerful for threedimensional calculation software, it was machined directly from the thickness of the fixing plate and the frame holders. Pictured: 3-exit extrusion unit for blocks 250x150 mm

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