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13 December 2009

BWR Nr. 3 – year 2009 -TECHNOLOGY

SARL GIPAR EXPANDS ITS PLANT With the recent start-up of a second plant, the Algerian private company SARL Gipar, which already operates in heavy clay related sectors, has completed a major investment to consolidate and strengthen its commercial position in the North African market through the production of clay building materials. The entire set of dies required to equip this second extruder was supplied by TECNOFILIERE, an Italian company (based in Novi di Modena) that is internationally renowned in the field of extrusion systems for its high product quality, continuous research, advanced solutions and rapid tecnical support. The supply package includes CF1 type dies mounted on a special pressure head designed and built by TECNOFILIERE and equipped with an external braking device. The new dies will extrude eight-hole masonry blocks in a 100x200 mm size in seven exits and twelve-hole masonry blocks in a 150x200 mm size in five exits. TECNOFILIERE also supplied two identical dies to these but made of sintered material (hard metal). Pictured: 7-exit die B8 100x200 supplied by TECNOFILIERE

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