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3 November 2009

BWR Nr. 2 - year 2009 - INTERVIEW

KOTHALI GROUP, A STRATEGIC PARTNER FOR EASTERN EUROPE The object of the Group is to become the strategic partner for the heavy clay sector for the whole of Eastern Europe. It is pursuing this goal through investments aimed at improving product quality, an example of this is the K.E.B.E. plant, a recently built facility. TECNOFILIERE was crucial for obtaining high-quality products in the extrusion process. “The design details of the extruder die and the materials used for its construction are crucial. We are fully satisfied with the support provided by TECNOFILIERE during both design and after-sales, which included a rapid response and visits to our facilities. The company owner, Paolo Pedrielli, worked personally on our project and proposed intelligent solutions for the various aspects of the extrusion process”. Pictured: Shaping stage for chimney elements and bats for roof tiles. Extrusion equipment supplied by TECNOFILIERE

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