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12 February 2007

BWR Nr. 2 - year 2007 - ECONOMICS

LAFARGE COUVERTURE OPENS MAJOR NEW FACILITY AT LIMOUX Lafarge Couverture, the French division of Lafarge Roofing, recently opened a large modern plant for the production of pressed clay roof tiles in the Massia area to the south-east of Limoux, a small city in the Aude department some twenty kilometres from the departmental capital Carcassonne.For the extrusion process, once again turned to TECNOFILIERE, which supplied all the extrusion equipment for both standard products and specials. For standards roof tiles, the pre-formed bats are extruded using dual-exit extruder dies – horizontal for Tuile Canal tiles and vertical for Grand Moule Fort Galbe tiles – equipped with a sophisticated internal and external adjustment system that allows for detailed control of the movement of the clay columns and the sizing of the bat profile.Pictured: double-exit extrusion of pre-formed bats for Tuile Canal roof tiles

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