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23 February 2009


The great experience of Tecnofiliere in designing and producing automatic die-washing machines, has brought to the development of the new model TF1000 EVO, which faces first of all the demand of washing bigger and bigger dies. The washing action, fully automatic, takes place through the combined and targeted action of a series of nozzles, which, playing high pressure water jets (180 bar) directly on the die, ensures its complete cleaning. Waste water is lead to a settling tank, which is easily removable and can be emptied into the quarry. The cleaning time can be set according to the individual requirements of each type of die, to ensure an optimal cleaning cycle. The opening cover, produced with advanced materials and design, has been provided with a tempered glass in his front, to enable the operator to check the washing process. As usual, a special attention has been paid to improve the control, safety and maintenance devices, ensuring an optimal and reliable operation of the machine and reducing downtime and servicing to the bare minimum.

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